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Articles  |  July 1, 2014
Effects of Childhood Bullying Persist Far Into Midlife

A five decade-long nationwide study revealed that the impact of being bullied in childhood persists up to mid-life. The harmful effects extend beyond psychological distress to lower levels of education, physical and cognitive health problems, and poor social functioning.

Articles  |  July 1, 2014
Lithium in Pregnancy

Lithium taken during the first trimester of pregnancy appears to increase the risk of cardiovascular anomalies in infants, although some of these anomalies resolve spontaneously. Lithium also raises the likelihood of miscarriage. On the other hand, the risk of illness recurrence is high for women who discontinue taking medication during pregnancy, and so the decision should be made on an individual basis. It is recommended that women treated with lithium during organogenesis receive fetal echocardiography and level-2 ultrasound.

Articles  |  July 1, 2014
Gauging Violence Risk in Veterans

A 5-item screening tool can reveal the need for in-depth assessment of violence risk in military veterans. Several items in the Violence Screening and Assessment of Needs (VIO-SCAN) assess dynamic conditions–financial instability, alcohol misuse, and probable PTSD plus anger–that can be targeted to modify risk. The VIO-SCAN does not evaluate imminent risk of violence but does provide a structured assessment of chronic risk and a springboard for reducing contributing factors.

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