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The American Journal of Psychiatry

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Reviews and Overviews  |  September 1, 2014
The Structure of Psychiatric Science

This essay explores the etiology of psychiatric disorders across biological, psychological, and environmental risk factors, and outlines three central paradigms for risk analysis, mechanisms of illness, and first-person approaches to patient empathy.

Articles  |  September 1, 2014
Schizophrenia Risk Variation in the NRG1 Gene During Neocortical Development

Mapping the transcriptional and genetic regulation of NRG1s during normal human brain development could help identify a potential mechanism of early risk for schizophrenia at the NRG1 locus.

Articles  |  September 1, 2014
Elevated Maternal C-Reactive Protein and Increased Risk of Schizophrenia

Maternal inflammation level during pregnancy was related to risk of schizophrenia in offspring, adding new evidence for the association of infection and immune activation with the development of the disorder.

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