June 01, 2012
AJP CME Course for June 2012: Antidepressants May Mitigate the Effects of Prenatal Maternal Anxiety on Infant Auditory Sensory Gating

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Which psychiatric and cognitive symptoms are associated with prenatal exposure to elevated maternal depression, anxiety, and other forms of stress?
P50 sensory gating reflects both cerebral excitation in response to an initial stimulus and inhibition of response in response to a second stimulus. In this study, maternal anxiety disorder(s), in the absence of antidepressant treatment, affected the response to which stimulus?
Infant P50 sensory gating is a putative biomarker of the early expression of attentional function. In this study, antidepressant treatment for the mothers with a history of anxiety disorder(s) was associated with which of the following findings regarding sensory gating?