December 01, 2010
Ethical Issues
Expires January 01, 2017

CME Activity

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Sample questions:
Psychosomatic medicine psychiatrists who also serve as hospital ethics consultants are obliged to master two separate clinical roles, each requiring a different orientation and approach. In regard to these separate roles, which of the following statements is false?
Ethics consultations benefit from an organizational framework to define the various domains of clinical ethics. Ethics discussions are organized around the major "principles of biomedical ethics" that may all be present in a particular case. Which of the following ethical principles covers the issue of informed consent?
Psychiatrists are frequently consulted in ethically problematic cases regarding decision-making capacity (DMC). Whereas some clinical psychiatric syndromes are associated with fluctuating DMC, others characteristically involve stable DMC, and consulting clinicians must take this degree of clinical (hence capacity) stability into account in their assessments of DMC. In which of the following conditions is DMC more likely to be stable?