September 01, 2007
AJP CME Course for September 2007: Adjunctive Antidepressant Use and Symptomatic Recovery Among Bipolar Depressed Patients With Concomitant Manic Symptoms: Findings From the STEP-BD

Self-Assessment Quiz - Expired

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At the time bipolar depressed patients entered the STEP-BD study, those who were prescribed a mood stabilizer plus an antidepressant had which of the following clinical characteristics compared with patients receiving only a mood stabilizer?
For STEP-BD bipolar depressed patients with concomitant manic symptoms, which one of the following features was significantly associated with recovery at 3 months?
When adjunctive antidepressants were added to mood stabilizers in bipolar patients whose depressive episodes were accompanied by mania symptoms, which of the following outcomes were observed?