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Click here for a detailed overview on preparing your manuscript, including general policies, the review process, types of manuscripts published, and guidelines for preparing tables and figures.

The American Journal of Psychiatry has implemented a web-based manuscript submission and tracking system to accelerate the peer review process and shorten the time from manuscript submission to publication decision. The Journal will no longer accept manuscripts and letters by mail.

To submit your paper, please visit the manuscript submission site at Manuscript Central and either create an account or use your existing account. Then follow the instructions to upload your manuscript. All submissions must include a title page and be accompanied by a cover letter and list of suggested reviewers.

Review Guidelines for Authors on Preparing Manuscripts for policy information.

Broad access to the research literature and the rights of our authors are important to APP, the publisher of The American Journal of Psychiatry. Read our public access policy for guidelines on deposit mandates for research funded by NIH and others and institutional repositories.



Individuals interested in reviewing for The American Journal of Psychiatry should visit Manuscript Central and create an account.

Abstracts of articles within a reviewer’s given area of expertise are sent via e-mail to the reviewer. Within 3 days, the reviewer is asked to indicate willingness to review and availability to perform the review within a 2-week time frame.

Most competing interests, financial or otherwise, do not disqualify one from participating in the peer review process, but the Journal requests that you indicate any conflict that you may have in reviewing any particular manuscript. You can also notify the Journal if you feel that you cannot review a manuscript because of a competing interest. This will not affect your reviewer status in any way.

Manuscripts must be reviewed with due respect for authors’ confidentiality. In submitting their manuscripts for review, authors entrust the Journal with the results of their scientific work and creative effort, on which their reputation and career may depend. Authors’ rights may be violated by disclosure of the confidential details of the review of their manuscript. Reviewers should never copy, share, or discuss a manuscript under review or the data within with anyone without expressed written permission of the Journal’s Editor and the authors.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA), in keeping with American Medical Association (AMA) guidelines, offers AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ for review of manuscripts submitted to The American Journal of Psychiatry.

The Editor and Deputy Editors will award credit for reviews submitted on time that provide a comprehensive and constructive critique of a manuscript and reveal an extensive knowledge of the literature and evidence base. A review deemed worthy of CME credit should not only assist an author in preparing a revision suitable for publication but also provide an important educational service to clinicians and investigators regarding their medical/scientific writing.

By submitting such a review, participants also will have improved their own skills by performing critical analysis of the medical literature, identifying gaps in knowledge, and obtaining new information to contribute to their research and/or practice.

Once a review has been judged worthy of CME credit, the reviewer will be notified by the APA Department of CME. An evaluation will be provided to all participants in the form of an Impact Survey. Participants will complete the Impact Survey and then indicate the number of credits earned and check a box to confirm Attestation of Credit. A CME certificate then will be generated by APA and sent to the participant. Up to three AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ per manuscript review may be granted, with up to five reviews per year (up to 15 credits). The APA Department of CME will maintain CME records on file for 10 years in keeping with ABPN requirements for recertification.

To be eligible, potential reviewers must complete and submit to the Journal office an annual disclosure form, available here.

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